These are a few videos from past shows, hope you enjoy!

Playing at Urgie’s Cheesesteaks

Just playing live at Urgie’s. You can find me at this authentic philly sub restaurant occasionally for brunch! They also have open mic on Wednesday night for local artist to jam at hosted by one of the best sound technicians, Gordan Davies.

Playing at Cave Hill Farms Brewery

I play at Cave Hill Farms Brewery once a month. Cave Hill Farms Brewery sits on farm land that was granted to the owners family, Lisa and Gator, back in 1759 by King George II of England. It has an awesome atmosphere with plenty of space for large groups and families. They have a “Feed Lot” Food truck that serves up great food! Shvonne, the manager, is the best, she definitely boosts the mood at  the Cave with her energetic personality.  The bartenders are pretty great too! Check it out!

Playing at Elkton Brewing Co.

Elkton Brewing Co. is a brewery located in my hometown. I play in this small town brewery every month. If you haven’t been, you should check it out! It is located right next to the train track, so don’t be alarmed when you hear the bell from inside the Brewery and the train passes right beside you! The owners, Steve and Tristan, definitely know how to make people feel welcomed! I usually have Brandon Bosserman, drummer of the band Relentless, join me on the Cajon at this show. We always end the night with Friends in Low Places, and some how a spoon always appears. Check it out to see what I’m talking about, its a good laugh!

Playing Live at Restless Moons Brewing Co.

This is one of the first gigs I had when I first started playing music years ago and I have been playing once a month ever since! Owners, Jeff and Brittany, have definitely helped in my music journey and I’ll always be grateful for them.  If you haven’t been, this place is awesome. The beer is made a few feet away from the bar! Small batches equals delicious brew!

Playing Live at Marceline Vineyards

This is my wife’s favorite vineyard. I started playing here about 2 years ago, and have been playing once a month during the spring/summer season. They are building an addition on their tasting room, so hopefully soon we can even do a few shows in the winter months! This place has extraordinary views and a relaxing environment. My wife and I  love their dessert wine, L'Amore di Notte. Marceline also has wine slushies which is another favorite.  On top of the views, and great wine, the owners, Susan and Aaron are wonderful people. Aaron has such a bubbly personality you will feel welcomed and comfortable from the moment you park at the vineyard. Check my schedule and see when I’m playing next, you won’t regret it!

Front Yard Playin’

During the COVID-19 pandemic, I really missed playing gigs. I would sit in my front yard around the fire with my family and friends and play some tunes.


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